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Franchise and Distributorship

RiceOne Food Corp, a leading market player in India, is extremely well-positioned to leverage their much loved, iconic brands into selected emerging markets in India and across the globe.

The vast Indian consumer market is arguably underserviced in comparison to their more developed western counterparts. In these markets, we are looking for a steady growth in per capital income which drives the emergence of surprisingly sophisticated aspiring consumer markets. Despite of these developments, the consumers in these markets are not receiving products or services tailored to fit into their unique lifestyles and aspirations.

Welcome to RiceOne Food Corp

This is a company that is founded on the core values of business ethics and principles. Our main aim is consumer satisfaction. We take great initiatives to make sure that we exceed the expectations of the consumers. Being a consumer focused company, we welcome input and reviews from them. We apply them appropriately to make our products better.

Product Details   

RiceOne Food Corp is a huge supplier of Rice for domestic and international market. We are known for producing Premium quality Rice. The company has a vast experience in making traditional business activities. The company produces the best quality of Indian Organic and Inorganic Rice in our beloved brand RICEONE Exclusively.

We look forward in developing a core relationship. We are offering wide range of Rice Verities in the market. The company is giving a good margin with the low investment.

Investment Details

Cost of Franchise Store:  Can be discussed based on business size and location.

Margin: 10 – 15 %

Benefits: Exclusive Territorial Rights given to a unit franchise

First company to offer all kind of Rice Verities together in One Brand Exclusively.

Property Details

Property Type: Shop, house, Market, Mall or Residential Area.

Floor Area Required: Min 500Sq Feet – 1000Sq Feet.

Location: Chennai and All over Tamil Nadu

Other Detail: Standard Franchise Agreement

For More Details

Contact us: riceone.in@gmail.com /  Office : 044-65558866 Mob : +91-7338933622